The SCORE workshop yesterday was excellent. The presentations were absolutely top drawer. The speakers were extraordinarily exceptional people. They supplied understandable information that can be used in practical situations. They were all great.

Anyone in any business would benefit immensely from this workshop. I am studying the handout materials and my notes and I know that this information and further consultations with SCORE professionals will enable me to achieve the goals of the project I have been working on for a number of years.

I jumped the gun and handed in my evaluation papers before I should have. You had some additional speakers whom I did not rate.  Please give them all a 5 from me. I especially liked Pat Apicella, but they were all terrific. Daryl Hanifan’s eloquence spoke reams and is an inspiration.

I hope to keep a close relationship with SCORE Syracuse. In fact in what I’m proposing to do on the radio I can say or play anything I want and I certainly will talk up SCORE Syracuse whenever I can. I’m hoping to be on a particular station whose radio signal covers DC and environs but they also stream through the internet, and my friend Leo Rayhill has said he will plug my program around here on the air on his programs. This way I will obtain streaming listeners in the Syracuse area (as well as everywhere else in the world, of course).

I can talk about Syracuse a lot.  (For many years I went to jazz venues in Syracuse – back when there was good jazz – like The Salt City 5 and 6). As I mentioned to someone, I dug ditches and replaced leaking gas service lines in Syracuse in the daytime and went to the Penguin Club at night. This particular station near DC has a ‘terrestrial’ signal which can reach over 2mm people around DC through the air. I think I can get a lot of them to listen.

My associate in PA, Jennifer Ames, who came with me to the first meeting, will probably sign up for further SCORE meetings in PA. Many of you know her father, Dick Ames.

Thank you so much for this excellent program.


Roger D.